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What are the characteristics of the porcelain tile internal and external profile edging machine? What are the porcelain tile processing equipment?
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 Porcelain tile is a new type of decoration material, which can be processed into a variety of finished products, which is very suitable for home decoration and commercial decoration. porcelain tile processing requires a lot of processing equipment. The porcelain tile inside and outside special-shaped edging machine actually refers to the special-shaped edging machine, this machine equipment is an indispensable equipment for the porcelain tile processing factory. Today we will give a detailed introduction to its performance characteristics and its scope of adaptation.

 porcelain tile table edging

   Hongyun 2100 type porcelain tile special-shaped edging machine performance characteristics:


  1. It can process and polish the inner circle, in which the round table surface can be automatically rounded, and the special-shaped surface can be semi-automatically pushed by hand;


   2. Fully automatic working mode, saving labor;


   3. Cost-effective multi-purpose equipment;


  4. Multi-purpose models such as special-shaped polishing, straight edge polishing, etc.


  5. Aiming at the special-shaped edging of rock table/coffee table/cabinet and other countertops, this machine can grind round edges, chamfer and polish and other functions

 Hongyun 2100 type porcelain tile special-shaped edging machine

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