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What are the advantages of the 45-degree cutting machine in the porcelain tile?
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  The porcelain tile processing plant needs to be equipped with a lot of equipment, and the 45-degree porcelain tile cutting machine is one of them. The 45-degree porcelain tile cutting machine is mainly used for seamless splicing of porcelain tiles at a 45-degree angle. Today, let’s take a look at the 45-degree cutting machine in the porcelain tile. Is it easy to use? And what are its advantages.


   Hongyun porcelain tile Cutting Machine is a tool for deep processing of porcelain slabs. It is fully automatic processing, which greatly saves the processing cost. It can realize cutting without chipping and large and small heads. It is an indispensable equipment for deep processing of porcelain tiles. It is an easy-to-use and practical machine equipment in the work of porcelain tile processing.

 Porcelain tile automatic 45 degree chamfering machine

  The performance advantage of 45 degree porcelain tile cutting machine:


     1. Hongyun porcelain tile 45 degree cutting machine adopts two working motors, which has better stability;


  2. The machine head is designed with three cutting heads, pre-cutting, trimming, cutting, and continuous cutting can be done at one time, which can better reduce the cutting corners of the porcelain tile and reduce the damage rate.


  3. The machine head is independently controlled by lifting, and two cutting methods can be set, which can cut porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles.


  4. The workbench adopts the perfect combination of stainless steel frame and steel plate table top.


   5. The machine will get a little deformed after a long time. Hongyun's porcelain tile 45 degree cutting machine is designed with adjustable design, even if it is deformed in the future, it can be fine-tuned;


  6. Comes with a water tank and a three-stage sedimentation isolation design to keep the waterway unblocked and reduce the trouble of cleaning the water tank;


    7. The machine guide rail is designed with oil bubbles and protected by a protective cover, which greatly extends the service life of the machine;

 Multifunctional tile cutting machine

  Foshan Hongyun porcelain tile Machinery Co., Ltd. insists on advanced technology and production technology. Its products quickly occupy the market with high efficiency, intelligence and automation, and bring users a high-quality comfortable experience and a full range of considerate services. After years of research and innovation in different fields, it has obtained a number of national invention patents and has become one of the influential brands in the slate and stone processing industries. If you have more professional needs, you can contact our 24-hour online customer service in Whatsapp: (86)152 7835 3800. The business manager will recommend the appropriate equipment according to your needs. Welcome new and old customers to inquire.

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