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There are several reasons why porcelain slabs are easy to crack
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  According to the decoration industry statistics, porcelain slab is one of the most popular decoration materials in the decoration industry nowadays, and porcelain slab is a new trending product among the decoration materials. However, the porcelain slab is prone to cutting cracks during processing and cutting. Today, let’s take a look at the main reasons why porcelain slabs are prone to cracking and how to avoid them.


   Cutting crack refers to the sudden cracking and damage of the porcelain slab during the processing and cutting process, which leads to the scrap of the whole porcelain slab. This situation is more of a headache for processing plants. Here are some reasons for easy cracking in cutting porcelain slabs:

 large porcelain slabs

      1. The simple and rough method in the processing is also one of the reasons for the cutting and cracking. Many workers in the processing plant lack basic knowledge of the new material of porcelain slab, and copy the equipment and technology for processing natural marble and granite. Lack of professional processing procedures and experience, leading to frequent cutting cracks in the opening of the porcelain slab.


   2. The cooling rate is too fast. The kiln used for the production of slabs is very different from the traditional bricks, so most of them are newly built or rebuilt. From entering the kiln to cooling out of the kiln, the slab body is a very complicated process, involving many factors such as temperature, speed, air flow, atmosphere and so on.


     3. The processing method is wrong. Although porcelain slab manufacturers will focus on testing their mechanical properties, including modulus of rupture, breaking strength, water absorption, etc., due to their differences in chemical composition, sintering degree, crystal phase, glass phase, and gas phase, etc. There is likely to be a hidden danger of cutting and cracking.

 Stable porcelain bridge cutting machine

      From the above information, the reasons for the formation of porcelain slab cutting cracks are complex. It requires not only the upgrading of equipment and technical research, but also the improvement of the porcelain slab production enterprise’s own process and production technology, and the accumulation and accumulation of relevant experience. Communication can avoid the problem of easy cracking when cutting the porcelain slab.


  The above is the main reason why the porcelain slab is easy to crack and how to avoid it. If you have more professional needs, you can contact our online customer service in Whatsapp:(86)152 7835 3800. The business manager will recommend the appropriate equipment according to your needs. Welcome new and old customers to inquire.

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