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Six safety operation specifications for porcelain tile cutting machine
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        The porcelain tile cutting machine is a machine that is used more frequently in porcelain tile processing factories. It can cut and trim the porcelain tiles. When using the porcelain tile cutting machine, in order to ensure personal safety and the processing efficiency of the equipment,what needs to be done? The following introduces the safe operation specifications of the porcelain tile cutting machine.


   1. When preparing to work, the cuffs and plackets should be tied tightly. Wearing protective glasses can effectively avoid accidental splashing of sewage and porcelain tile debris from hurting your eyes.

 Automatic porcelain tile cutting machine

   2. If you do not have the training of operating skills, you cannot operate the cutting machine. If you want to operate, you must obtain the administrator's permission and special instructions to operate the porcelain tile cutting machine.


   3. Check whether the protective baffle is complete and do not remove it. The configuration of Hongyun ceramic Machinery Factory conforms to the standard and does not affect the processing personnel. The movable protective baffle on the mechanical equipment shall not be replaced at will.


  4. When the porcelain tile cutting machine starts, it needs to be idling for 3 minutes. During the machine idling for a few minutes, check whether the saw blade can work or be used normally. Do not directly aim the saw blade when the mechanical equipment is still running. During commissioning, observe whether the cooling water supply is normal.


   5. Before work, check whether the parts of the porcelain tile cutting machine (table, chain, saw blade, screw, switch button, motor, etc.) are intact. ) Is it all able to be used normally. If any problems are found, repair or replace parts in time. After solving the problem, make sure that it can be started again without involving any security.

 porcelain tile cutting machine

   6. Before operation, carefully check the saw blade for any problems. Saw blades that are not smooth, blunt teeth, cracks, missing teeth, etc. cannot be used, and the saw blade must be replaced at this time. When replacing the saw blade, you must ensure that the power is turned off. The saw blade must be stable and firm when installed, perpendicular to the center line of the shaft, and there will be no jump during operation.


   The above is part of the safe operation of the porcelain tile cutting machine. The safe operation of different porcelain tile processing equipment is a bit different, and the operator needs to take it seriously and learn during employee training.

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