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Other performance and purchase points of porcelain tile cutting machine?
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   With the continuous development of the porcelain tile machinery and equipment industry, many porcelain tile processing equipment are upgraded from old machinery. Many porcelain tile processing manufacturers believe that the upgraded version of porcelain tile equipment is only limited to improving processing efficiency. If you have such a perception, it is wrong. Let’s take the porcelain tile cutting machine as an example to introduce the other performances of the upgraded porcelain tile cutting machine.

 2400 mm porcelain tile cutting machine

  Introduction to other functions of the porcelain tile cutting machine:


   1. Automatic water circulation function to ensure dust-free operation


  Dust is inevitably formed when cutting porcelain tiles. If left untreated, it will cause damage to the environment and cutting equipment. The upgraded version of the porcelain tile cutting machine on the market now generally has the function of automatic water circulation, which can basically achieve dust-free operation. This is the first function besides improving efficiency.


   2. Reduce the loss rate of cutting


  When cutting porcelain tiles, it is most afraid of edge collapse. This will not only damage the appearance of the porcelain tile, but also greatly increase the cutting loss. However, as long as the porcelain tile cutting machine is used, the probability of edge collapse can be greatly reduced, and there are almost no edge collapse equipment, which ensures the cutting loss and does not affect the appearance of the porcelain tile.


  The key points of choosing a porcelain til cutting machine:


   1.Whether it is possible to change a variety of different tools


   Although the porcelain tile cutting machine has a wide range of functions, consumers still need to find the right porcelain tile cutting machine equipment. The first key point of purchasing equipment is to confirm whether the cutting machine can be replaced with different blades. After all, cutting different porcelain tiles requires different cutting blades. On the basis of being able to replace the tools, it is necessary to further confirm whether the types of tools used by the equipment are wide.

 porcelain tile cutting machine

   2. Motor power


  Motor is the basis of cutting machine operation. If the motor is of poor quality, its basic cutting efficiency will be affected. Therefore, in addition to the cutting machine, the determination of the motor parameters is also very important. Generally speaking, such equipment must be equipped with industrial motors to ensure sufficient power.


  The porcelain tile cutting machine has many functions, especially the equipment from high-quality manufacturers, which ensures the perfect function, so that this equipment has formed a unique enthusiasm in the market. If you want to purchase porcelain tile processing equipment, please contact our 24-hour online customer service in Whatsapp: (86)152 7835 3800. The business manager will recommend suitable equipment according to your needs. Welcome new and old customers to inquire.

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