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How much is a small sintered stone cutting machine and dose it easy to use?
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     In the sintered stone machinery industry, there are not only large-scale automatic sintered stone cutting machines. Large-scale sintered stone cutting machines are generally used in sintered stone processing plants. Since real estate construction companies generally have fewer sintered stones to be processed, it is enough to buy a small sintered stone cutting machine. How much is a small sintered stone cutting machine?

 2400mm CNC three blade stone tile cutting machine

     At present, the small sintered stone cutting machine suitable for processing sintered stones is the 1200 manual double-blade CNC sintered stone cutting machine. This is a simple sintered stone cutting machine with high cutting accuracy, durable machinery, light and easy to handle, and cutting sintered stone that comes out does not collapse. This equipment is more suitable for real estate construction companies and small sintered stone processing plants to cut small batches of sintered stones.


     The manual double-blade CNC sintered stone cutting machine is an upgrade of Hongyun's sintered stone ceramic machinery from the manual CNC single-blade cutting machine. On the basis of the original single-blade CNC manual cutting machine, a trimming blade is added to make the cut board can be delivered to customers without chipping, cornering, and do not need secondary processing. Not only that, the oil-immersed guide rail is also used in the upgrade of the guide rail, so that the cut plate has a higher precision. The base adopts the international standard H steel and strong steel, and the service life is more than 6 years.

 manual double-blade CNC sintered stone cutting machine

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