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Automatic assembly line operation of tile cutting machine
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   Tile cutting machine is also called the tile machine. The main part is a fixed motor, a cutting blade can be installed in the motor to cut tiles, and a cutting platform is installed in the lower part for tiles. When working, the cutting platform is generally pushed at a speed of about 1 meter/minute, and the cutting blade enters the tile cutting machine motor. When the tile passes, it continues to rotate, so as to cut through the tile cutting machine, and finally achieve the purpose of tiles cutting.Tile cutting machines mostly use vertical cutting methods.

Fully automatic tile cutting machine

  Fully automatic assembly line operation of tile cutting machine:

   There are two main operating methods for tile cutting. The following is an example of a hand-push cutting machine.

   1. Adjust the cutting head so that the cutting blade is perpendicular to the worktable.

  2. The angle of the cutting blade is fixed by locking the handle, and the upper and lower positions of the cutting blade relative to the worktable can be adjusted by a pair of stop bolts.

  3. Put tiles or other building materials flat on the workbench,

  4. Turn on the switch, the blade rotates, and when the water pump starts to pump water, push the worktable forward to make the blade cut the tiles on the table as required.

CNC three blade tile cutting machine

Tile cutting machine use matters needing attention:

   1. Before starting up, please pay attention to check whether the water has been opened, whether the water volume is large enough, and whether the water volume is sprayed on the cutting blade.

  2. Check whether the cutting blade has worn out. Generally, the life of the cutting blade is 400-600 meters, and then check whether the height of the cutting blade and the trimming blade have been adjusted; the special reminder is that the lifting blade should not exceed the maximum pallet stroke!

  3. Check whether the pressure of the pressure roller is at a normal height. The default height is 5-8mm from the belt (the height is determined according to the thickness of the tile).

      4. The most important step is to check that the red conveyor belt has no deviation. (Inspection standard: the brick must follow the gear ruler as normal. If you leave the gear ruler, the belt deviation needs to be adjusted and the belt can be cut. , Otherwise there will be inconsistencies in the cutting bricks, the size of the head).

  5. Adjust the cutting speed, the default cutting speed: 10-12; the maximum limit cannot exceed: 20; and adjust the relevant cutting size, and then turn on the machine.

   6. The master who puts the tiles and cuts must pay attention to observe whether the bricks follow the ruler during the cutting process and whether they leave the ruler.

1200mm three blade tile cutter

  7. During the cutting process, do not press the operation panel randomly. If you encounter an emergency tile breaking situation, press the red emergency stop button.

   8. Do not touch the rollers at both ends of the belt with your hands during the cutting process, be careful to pinch your hands, and do not touch the cutting blade.

   9. After stopping work, press the emergency stop button.

  10. Clean up the silt on the belt.

   11. Check that there is a little bit of oil on each position where the screw rod moves.

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