The Boss's Address

1505974888676846Dear customers of Qunjian Valves:

   First of all, thank you for making time to read the story of me and my company . I set up the undertaking since 1989 and I had once worked in a state-operated valve plant. Based on my work experience, I possessed wide specialized knowledge and rich operational experience, soon my company became a well-known local private enterprise. In the nearly three decades of my career, I built offices as marketing base areas in Chinese mainland in steps. Moreover, I constantly explore new process and technology. During this time, I developed a number of professional technical backbone, who played a crucial role in the second development of my company and product transformation. Although such a small valve like this is not produced in Wenzhou or Yuhuan (famous valve distributing center), it is still an outstanding product that can satisfy the market and psychology of consumers. That’s why I am  so proud.

   Now, on the basis of original cast-iron ball valve water-heating series products, the company has developed malleable cast-iron gas ball valve, meter connector and other products. Besides, our company has invested in another company producing and selling modern gas meter and gas pressure regulating station. Insisting on taking the technology as the first productivity, the company owns all core technologies, thus the production of gas valve has increased by years. The well user feedback gives me confidence to develop and expand my business scale. 

  I wish to continue to provide the most powerful support in worldwide water-heating industry and gas industry, produce the most guaranteed products and free customers from worries in my future career. I want to make “qj”the valve brand,which started in southwest China, become powerful over the world. Thanks again for reading.


                                                                                 Zeng Zhongyi

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